Flip the Funnel

Ok you say I get it, I need to have my target market funneled down so that I can communicate a good referral for me to my referral sources”.

In referral marketing it is very important to be specific (which creates a funneling effect) to be able to receive referrals from your referral partners. They need to know what you’re looking for each week. We call this funneling down.  Once we have that part defined we then have to identify our referral partners from our referral sources.  We create strong relationships with these referral partners so we can get credible referrals that are constant, continuous and predictable.

This brings us to the next step and that is to Flip The Funnel. What does this mean? Once you narrow your target market and you have a strong relationship with referral partners and are now passing referrals it is time to start reversing the flow so that you are getting constant continuous stream of referrals. Your funnel now is reversed so that you open yourself up to give and receive the stream of referrals that going to be created. This is Referral Marketing at its best.

There are four easy ways to flip the funnel

Networking in five specific groups will create additional contacts and connections.

Cultivate these new relationships

Continue regular meetings with referral partners

Follow up with the referrals you have received.

By doing this you now open up your funnel to create new and positive business. If done effectively and continuous your will meet your goals.