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Like you, Duane Plapp author and nationally recognized speaker, feels that people today to not want to be sold they want to the opportunity to buy. He feels that creating a buying environment allows you to “Sell Without Selling”. With over forty five years as an entrepreneur and using referral based marketing to create his business success. for over 20 years a large regional financial and insurance consulting business as well the principal for over 18 years of one of the largest bass boat dealerships in the continental US. The past eight years he has taught others his strategies. He has been recognized nationally and received several awards for his coaching and speaking. His sales and Marketing ideas are now adopted by many businesses. He has created a sales training program called “Sales without Selling” which emphasizes the importance and need to develop business through referral relationships. This concept will change the mindset of selling to creating the buying environment. His first book “Creating Constant and Continuous Referrals” is a marketing handbook to creating sales through referral relationships. And his latest book “Mastering your connections” is a guidebook for networking. As an inspirational and motivational speaker, Duane has a gift for taking complex strategies, such as techniques in referral relationship marketing, and making them simple to implement. His personal mission is helping others find the simple way to achieve personal and business success. Duane’s social and civic contributions include Advocate of the year Cincinnati Home Builders, Sharonville Chamber Mentor of the year, Kentucky Jaycees, Jaycees Hall of Fame, Lions Club, Boys and Girls Club of America, Dan Beard Council of Boy Scouts, Scoutmaster, JCI Senator, Kentucky Colonel and Outstanding Men of America.

The Diamond in the Rough

The Diamond in the Rough We hear all the time about this person or that person is a diamond in the rough. We can also apply the Diamond in the Rough to referral marketing concepts of a good quality referral. We always say that the best way to create a relationship is to pass a […]


Constant Continuous Predicable Referrals

Constant Continuous Predicable Referrals What is the value of referral marketing? Would you rather create one client via the “Old Fashioned” cold calling or several clients with less effort through your referral power team? Did you know that it takes the same effort to make one sale as it does to create several new clients […]


So you want to have 100% Referrals

So you want to have 100% Referrals   You are at a Networking event and you start a conversation with a mature gentleman who looks very successful. You ask him how he gets all of his clients. He says I only work on referrals. You think that would be the ultimate quest. It would be […]


Flip The Funnel

Flip the Funnel “Ok you say I get it, I need to have my target market funneled down so that I can communicate a good referral for me to my referral sources”. In referral marketing it is very important to be specific (which creates a funneling effect) to be able to receive referrals from your […]